China Port Visa Issuance and Multiple Business Visa Renewal Simplified

China’s Ministry of Public Security announced a series of measures that will provide foreign trade personnel with a port visa (also known as on-arrival visa) and multiple visa renewals issued within China. These moves to make convenient for foreigners residing or doing business in China.

Port Visa Issuance

The new measures allow for foreigners traveling to China for business negotiations, trade exchanges, installation and maintenance, participation in exhibitions and conferences, investment, and entrepreneurship, and those who are too late to apply for visas for coming to China from abroad or urgent reasons can apply for a port visa on arrival with an invitation letter and relevant documentation from the company.

Who is eligible for a port visa?

  1. Foreigners who need to enter China because of emergency.
  2. Foreigners who are invited to enter China because of urgent commercial
    affairs, emergency repair works, or other urgent issues.
  3. Foreigners who participate in tours organized by tourist agencies in
    accordance with laws and regulations.

Note: Applications shall be verified by related departments. Applications shall be processed by port visa granting offices authorized by the Ministry of Public Security.


  1. Individuals shall apply for a personal port visa after arriving at the port.
  2. Organizing institutions (individuals) shall apply to the local port visa
    granting office for invitees before arrival; applications on behalf of
    foreigners shall be transferred by administrative departments of
    prefecture-level city governments and governmental agencies with higher
    level of authority.

Required Documents:

  1. Personal passport or other international travel documents (original and
    hard copies).
  2. Filed application form for port visa.
  3. Personal photographs.
  4. Invitation letters or other supporting documents issued by organizing
    institutions (individuals) or tourist agencies (original and hard copies).

After verification and approval, port visa granting offices shall issue a one- time visa, valid for five days with maximum stay duration of 30 days, to qualified foreign applicants traveling individually.

Multiple Business Visa Renewals Issued within China

The new measures also mention that foreigners who need to travel to and from China due to business or trade activities can apply for a multiple-entry valid business visa within three years after entering China.

Previously, the business visas are generally on one-single or double-entry, and the duration of each visit is limited to 30 days, foreigners travelling China frequently are required to re-apply for a new business visa each time they return, provided they don’t have other visa arrangements.

Another key change is that foreigners will no longer be required to submit their original passport when applying for a residence permit. This will allow foreign nationals to keep their passports during the application.

Further announcements from the Ministry of Public Security in the coming month are expected to clarify the specific implementation procedures.