China Executive Search & Country Manager Recruitment

We help companies recruit C-level executives and country managers in China.

The majority of foreign companies in China have constant issues sourcing the ideal talent and staff that have the relevant skills they need to encourage expansion and growth in the correct manner. Foreign companies across Asia always struggle with recruitment in this very same way.

Finding talent that can combine a Western business philosophy that understands the workings of the Chinese labor market is a tough ask. And without this level of staffing, you might not make it to the next phase of expansion. By utilizing our tried and trusted executive search team, you can find the ideal candidate that suits the role perfectly that understands the strategies and demanding nature that you need to elevate your company in China.

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Recruiting the Perfect China Country Manager

A crucial part of any successful business venture in China is hiring a country manager that has the prerequisite skills you require for your expansion plans. The responsibilities of a country manager involve running the current business in China while also being in charge of the overall expansion.

And because your expansion plan might be different from that of another business, their responsibilities can differ. But most expansions often include the below features that the country manager oversees:

  • Taking charge of the Chinese leg of expansion.
  • Meeting and liaising with broader company leadership people to make decisions and implement strategies.
  • Improving recruitment across China.
  • Payroll and hiring duties.
  • Panning, reporting, and budgeting issues.
  • Making sure the company complies with local employment laws, local tax regulations, and business rules.

Country Manager Roles

The country manager role will generally be defined by the type of business and structure of the firm in question. And these can be very different depending on the company and China expansion strategy type. A good example is when an overseas subsidiary is set up and the country manager might then become the CEO of said subsidiary. The amount of power and control in the hands of the country manager will depend on the ownership structure of the firm.

Alternatively, the country manager might be further down the pecking order behind the control of a foreign parent company and then the role might be to set up a branch office in China.

How Can We Help You Recruit a Country Manager in China?

Our first-class China expansion services can simplify every aspect of finding the ideal candidate that fits your specific country manager role. We will give you the best advice moving forward and the correct approach to take when you are trying to hire a country manager in the Chinese labor markets.

International expansion is a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right staff in place. Hiring a country manager for this reason alone is a wise business move that successful companies make. Using our PEO (professional employment organization) services as a medium or go-between can make it possible to directly find the right candidate with limited hassle.

Through our PEO services, we can become the legal employer of your new country manager in terms of employer record keeping while they are working for you in China. We can undertake the employee contract signings of your new staff and manage their China payroll needs, taxes, expenses, and mandatory benefits so you don’t have to. Our expertise covers all HR and employment duties that ensure you are fully compliant in China.

Business and compliance restraints in the Chinese target market can be confusing for foreign businesses looking to expand. So it makes complete sense to hire the services of a third party to cover all bases for you. We can deal with the issue of how this country management role fits in with your broader expansion strategies and whether or not it makes sense to even hire a country manager in the first place.

Don’t go it alone when trying to recruit the perfect talent for such an intricate role that is instrumental in the success of your expansion moving forward.