China Import & Export

Over the past four decades, China developed into the world’s factory, thanks to a strong labor force and significant improvements in national infrastructure.

China has historically been an export-oriented economy and the country shipped millions of containers of goods overseas daily. China’s economy is now shifting to a model that is more consumer driven. Foreign investors are attracted by China’s burgeoning middle class who have a strong appetite for luxury goods, foreign-made foods, and other household products. Powerful Chinese online stores such as Tmall and offer foreign brands a platform to reach a nation of consumers.

Technologies and online shopping habits have help foreign brands to enter China market. There are several key hurdles for foreign companies to understand in this process, including application for the import & export license for the Chinese subsidiary, working with online stores and offline distribution network, and intellectual property issues. Acadia has helped many companies to find suppliers and sell products in China through online and offline channels. Our China experts help clients to establish structures and grow their business in the region.