Case Studies

HR and Payroll Outsourcing for a British multinational restaurant chain

A British multinational restaurant chain, with over 470 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 100 restaurants in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other overseas. Since their first restaurant opened in China, we helped them handle HR affairs and payroll outsourcing of nearly 1,000 employees in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other major cities.

The challenge for the Client in HR areas:

  • They are not familiar with domestic Chinese labor laws and policies and need professional HR support.
  • With rapid expansion, they must have a professional HR agency to handle hiring, termination, and payroll matters for them in different cities in China.
  • Large number of employees and high turnover.
  • HR affairs increasing and become overwhelming.

How do we help the client from 0-1?

  • Our experienced team of HR advisors helped the client establish the employment contract, employee handbook, and internal HR policies in the early stages.
  • We helped them understand salary benchmarks in the food and beverage industry and advised clients to offer competitive compensation and benefits to attract potential employees.
  • We provided one-stop payroll outsourcing, from employee onboarding, payroll, social benefits management, and leaves to employee offboarding to support the needs of clients and employees at all stages of the employment life cycle.
  • We applied flexible working hours and comprehensive working hours for the management team and restaurant employees in the labor bureau.
  • We provided value-added services for the client to provide commercial insurance, annual medical checks for employees, expatriate employees, assistance with work visas.
  • We helped the client deal with the labor dispute, work-related injuries, and redundancy.

What benefits the client?

  • We helped our clients manage end-to-end payroll processing so that the client can better focus on their core business and revenue-generating activities.
  • Quick feedback and we provided one single point of contact for handling HR affairs and payroll.
  • On-site support for answering employees’ and management team’s questions about HR and payroll.
  • Experienced team of HR advisors supported the client at all stages of the employment life cycle.

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